Monday, December 20, 2010

Relaxation Techniques For Stress Management

By: Lawrence Bland

The unhealthy affects of stress can be evidenced in bodily as well as mental and emotional health problems. Apart from heart and digestive problems, stress can contribute to total muscle aches, stiffness and even pain.

Rest methods can help manage the impacts of stress on the body as well as the mind. There are various techniques one can use to experience a state of leisure and calmness, which require little time or effort on the part of the person searching for to learn from them. Right here is one rest technique that many people have discovered helpful in managing the level of stress they experience.

Stair Step Leisure Approach

Start with a sequence of deep, cleansing breaths. Really feel your physique calm down, as you slowly breath in and out. It may be helpful to imagine the strain and stress leaving your body as you exhale, whereas peace and calm fill you, as you inhale clean, fresh air.

Once you have done this for a interval of to three minutes, start to expertise the stress leaving your muscle tissue, one at a time. Once you might be ready, image yourself on the high of a flight of 10 stairs. Take one step down this set of stairs, and picture that your body, your mind, and your spirit really feel more relaxed, and extra comfortable as you reach this step. Say the number “One” as you descend.

With every succeeding step you possibly can expertise a deeper and deeper state of calm and relaxation. As you descend upon every step say the corresponding variety of the step you might be on. While you reach 10, which is at the backside of this set of steps, you can be completely calm and relaxed. Any problems or worries you had could have vanished, and you'll really feel totally at peace.

Upon getting experienced this state for a moment or , you may be ready to come again up the set of stairs. With every step that you simply climb, you'll change into just a little extra awake and alert to your surroundings. Your body and thoughts will remain at calm and at peace even after you come to the ultimate step. You will really feel renewed vitality, and a renewed sense of goal and pleasure, as you come back to the top of the stairs.

Creating A Stress Management Plan

A stress management plan does not essentially require quite a lot of time and energy. Many instances it's just making a commitment to scale back the level of stress in your life, by taking a few small, however meaningful, steps towards improving your overall well being and properly-being.

An excellent place to start your stress management plan is by figuring out 5 activities that you simply actually take pleasure in taking part in. These can be anything from reading a good book, to taking a long walk on the beach. If in case you have hobbies that you just get pleasure from spending time on, remember to embody these in your list.
Different choices might be things you've all the time needed to do, but by no means acquired round to, or issues that you just used to take pleasure in, but haven’t had the time for lately.

The one stipulation is that these are actions which are not associated to work, or another source of stress in your life. Make an inventory of at least 2 things that you simply almost at all times do, that you either most likely shouldn’t be doing, or can stay without doing. This list can embrace issues like bringing work residence from the workplace, doing all your youngsters laundry, cooking enormous meals through the week, after working all day and many others…

These are things that will not cause the world to fall apart, if you cease doing them. Make a list of at least 2 things that you simply in all probability ought to have completed by now, but didn’t. Issues you could have been pushing aside, or issues you haven't been coping with directly.

For those who’ve been which means to call your insurance agent for the past few weeks, but haven’t, for those who’ve been thinking about dusting the cob-webs on the entrance entry approach for a month, however haven’t, write those things down. At this point your three lists will now turn out to be a aim sheet. Your stress administration plan will look like this

This week I'll

-Spend not less than 15 minutes every day doing one of many things I enjoy. (Record the 5 stuff you wrote earlier beneath this section.)

-Get rid of 2 useless duties from my record of issues to do. (Checklist the 2 things that you wrote earlier beneath this section.)

-Sort out 2 issues that I've been putting off for a while. (Record the two issues that your wrote earlier under this section.)
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FDA Targets Tainted Dietary Supplements

From WebMD Health News

Kathleen Doheny

December 17, 2010 — The FDA today announced new steps to target harmful products marketed as dietary supplements, including the possibility of launching criminal investigations against companies endangering public health.

''The FDA is stepping up our efforts," Joshua Sharfstein, MD, principal deputy commissioner of the FDA, said during a news conference announcing the new steps.

At issue are products marketed as dietary supplements that contain hidden or deceptively labeled ingredients, such as the active ingredients in FDA-approved drugs or closely related drugs, as well as other compounds, such as synthetic steroids that don't qualify as dietary supplement ingredients.

Since December 2007, Sharfstein says, the FDA has alerted consumers to about 300 products marketed as dietary supplements that were tainted in some way. Serious adverse reports associated with the products include strokes, artery blockage in the lungs, kidney failure, acute liver injury, and death, although the FDA couldn't provide exact numbers of adverse events or deaths.

Most commonly, Sharfstein says, the tainted products marketed as dietary supplements are for weight loss, sexual enhancement, or body building.

Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA under a different set of regulations than are foods and drugs. Dietary supplement manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe before marketing them, and the FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement on the market.

Tainted Dietary Supplements: New Targeting Efforts

The new steps taken by the FDA include:

* A letter from FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg to the dietary supplement industry, stressing its legal obligation to prevent tainted products from reaching the market. Hamburg emphasizes in the letter the possibility of criminal investigations against those who endanger public health by their involvement in tainted products.
* A new, rapid notification system for the public on the FDA web site to alert the public quickly to tainted products marketed as dietary supplements.
* A mechanism for industry to alert the FDA about the tainted products and the firms involved.

Industry Support for New Effort

At the conference, representatives of five dietary supplement industry organizations pledged to give their support to the new effort.

Among the speakers was Loren Israelsen, executive director of the United Natural Products Alliance. "We are committed to joining the FDA to find them," he said of the tainted product makers, "and drive them out of our industry and out of the U.S."

Another industry representative, Anthony Young, general counsel for the American Herbal Products Association, pledged support and commented on the commissioner's letter. "It is the strongest letter I've seen in 35 years of law practice," he says.

Also appearing were representatives from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the Natural Products Association, and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

Recent FDA Actions Against Tainted Dietary Supplements

Among the warnings and alerts recently issued, the FDA today warned people to stop using Man Up Now, a product marketed for sexual enhancement, as it contains a variation of a drug ingredient found in Viagra that can lower blood pressure to a dangerous level.

In October, the FDA warned people not to use Slimming Beauty Bitter Orange Slimming Capsules, as they contain sibutramine, the active ingredient in a weight loss drug no longer available in the U.S. because of increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

In 2009, the FDA warned consumers against dietary supplements promoted as body-building products that contain synthetic steroids or other harmful ingredients, such as Tren Xtreme and Mass Xtreme. The products could cause serious liver injury, stroke, and other problems.

More Advice for Consumers

"We want consumers to be aware there are products masquerading as dietary supplements that can pose significant dangers," Sharfstein says.

Among the tip-offs that a product may be tainted, he said, are claims of being an alternative to FDA-approved drugs or of being legal alternatives to anabolic steroids. Products that promise fast or long-lasting sexual enhancement results are also suspect, he said, as are products marketed via mass email.

Consumers should also be wary of products that give warnings about testing positive in performance-enhancing drug tests, he says.

Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, issued a statement, applauding the FDA actions. "Tainted dietary supplements can send you to the hospital or kill you," Ellen Bloom, a spokeswoman, says in the statement.

''The FDA should be commended for prioritizing this issue and alerting consumers about dangerous supplements. Unfortunately, the challenge is that more dangerous products keep popping up."

Consumers Union is urging the FDA to go further and vigorously oversee the dietary supplements marketplace through random spot checks and testing of products in the high-risk categories, Bloom says.