Sunday, October 21, 2007

Medical Books & Journals - Donate, Don't Trash

Since starting the collection, a total of 9 cartons of books and journals have been sent to the Afghanistan Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Three Drug Reps from Glaxo Smith Kline very kindly carried 4 boxes over - they were attending a meeting in KL. Really appreciate the kindness.
I still have four boxes in the clinic to send over. (volunteers anyone?).

A shipping agent has given me a really special rate (Rm100) for sending 1MV (1m3) - about 15 cartons - by sea - door to door to KL. Will use this when the momentum of donors build up!

For those of u living around KL - if u have problem sending your donation to the embassy - do phone them (0342569400) to collect. So far they have collected the boxes from various hotels we were staying - so all u need to do is pack the books or journals in boxes and call the embassy to collect.

Let your books & journals go the extra mile - donate it today!
(MIMs, DIMs, Cds, medical progress, O&G, readers digest, national geog etc)
pass the message on.

God Bless u


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Help Afghanistan build up its libraries - donate books

You can help the kids of afghanistan by donating the books your kids no longer need to the librairies in Afghanistan - If you are a doctor or a professional, your books and journals are a precious commodity which can be put be great use in the universities there.

While their education is in the Afghani language - English is an important second language.

while i was a medical volunteer in Afghanistan, my able interpreters were young men who studied English and were interrupted in their dream to further their education in Turkey. The Taliban in the latter years made this very difficult.

Unicef is doing a great job rebuilding schools for kids and supplying them with school bags and stationary. we ran a clinic in one of the madrassahs which had the UNICEF water pump (potable and white - looking water - instead of the surface water we had to use to make our tea in the other places we stayed!!!) - people came on their donkeys to carry water back.

check out the embassy closest to you how u can send the books

Take a little time, it goes a long way in Afghanistan!!

Salaam Sejahtera

(Peace and Goodwill to you from Malaysia)

Dr tan poh tin

Book Donation Programs Sabre Foundation The SABRE Foundation runs successful book donation programs around the world. Many university presses worked with SABRE in the 1990s on a successful book donation program to libraries in Bosnia. In addition to continuing donation programs to Africa, former Soviet states, Central Asia and elsewhere, SABRE has been involved in getting books to Afghan universities and is also developing a donation program for Iraqi libraries

In 2002, a number of initiatives were undertaken to rebuild university libraries in Afghanistan:
* Purdue University of Indiana entered into a partnership with Kabul University to assist with the rebuilding of the Afghan institution. (Read more here.) The director of Purdue University Press, Thomas Bacher, notified the leaders of this partnership project that Purdue University Press would like to donate books to the Kabul University library, and suggested that other university presses donate titles as well. Click here for Purdue University Press contact information to learn more about the Purdue/Kabul partnership. * Finally, if presses wish to try to send books directly to Kabul University, we do have some information available, from Columbia University Press. Columbia recently donated a new edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia to replace the famously bullet-ridden copy owned by Kabul University.Books for the university should be sent to: Mr. Sadiq WaddidChief Librarian, Kabul Universityc/o Mr. Martin HadlowUNESCO IslamabadPO Box 203444000 IslamabadPAKISTANBoxes should be well sealed; they should also have affixed to them a sealed envelope containing a letter indicating the contents and the purpose of the contents, and stating that the contents are not meant for resale. The letter should indicate that the final destination for the books should be Muhammad Sadiq Waddid, Librarian, Kabul University Library, Kabul, Afghanistan. (Apparently books send directly to the Library will be intercepted, hence the "neutral" address.) Requested books include: Literature, History, Technology, Science, Medicine, Languages, Media/Journalism, and Reference.